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The Doorman of Windsor Station
The Podcast

Press Release

On February 16, something beautiful will happen. In times of pandemic it is a joy and a victory for Singulier Pluriel to meet you again for our new Podcast, in English and in two episodes: The Doorman of Windsor Station, text by Julie Vincent, translation by Hugh Hazelton and music by Michel Smith. We offer a deeply human and captivating audio experience, combining theatricality, suspense, music and travel.


« One day, as I was sitting in a café on St. Denis Street, I wanted to write about the life of an architect in search of beauty. I wanted to write about the ongoing loss of beauty in my city. Then a coincidence changed my life: a man was reading in this café, he came to me, he told me he was an architect and a vagabond. The man bore a scar within him, and this scar was the memory a lost country. That lost country was Uruguay. This man’s wound was flowering with poetry, the exact poetry I needed to continue on my journey. This is how I started writing this play. Six months later, I was following in his footsteps in South America.» - Julie Vincent


The Doorman of Windsor Station tells the heartbreaking story of a man, architect and vagabond who travels for four decades between Montreal and Montevideo squatting at Windsor Station, while influenced and driven by uncontrollable dreams.


The play was a great success in 2010 when it was presented in the Fred-Barry Hall in Montreal. In addition, we had enjoyed a great success by co-producing the work in Spanish at the Portón de Sanchez Theatre in Buenos Aires and we had the room up on their feet during our reading show at the Teatro Victoria in Montevideo. And now, in times of pandemic, we will have experienced the sadness of the postponement of this event planned to be broadcast in english this year in Toronto.


What a party it will be for us to be able to share this podcast! Around the excellent actor of Chilean origin Marcelo Arroyo in the role of Francisco the architect, the actors Stéphane Blanchette, Danny Carbonneau, Ximena Ferrer, Camila Forteza, Pier Kohl, Geneviève Rioux and Victor Andrès Trelles Turgeon have surpassed each other. Rehearsals for The Doorman of Windsor Station Podcast evolved with these 8 actors led by author and director Julie Vincent during curfew, in teleworking mode. We had to develop a rhythmic playing technique similar to oral narration work for the oratorio in music. Our composer Michel Smith knew how to design two captivating scores to combine text and music.

Artistic direction, staging and text Julie Vincent

Translation Hugh Hazelton

Music composition, sound effects, editing Michel Smith

Performers Marcelo Arroyo, Stéphane Blanchette, Danny Carbonneau, Ximena Ferrer, Camila Forteza, Pier Kohl, Geneviève Rioux and Victor Andrès Trelles Turgeon

Assistance and management Camila Forteza | Production Management Catherine Le Gall | Administration, Head of health rules Philippe Chevalier | Communications Olga Claing

Additional information about the show

Photo : Bar à Tango Fun Fun. Montevideo © Julie Vincent

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